Walk the Line: The Art of Drawing par Marc Valli, Ana Ibarra

Walk the Line: The Art of Drawing par Marc Valli, Ana Ibarra

Titre de livre: Walk the Line: The Art of Drawing

Auteur: Marc Valli, Ana Ibarra

ISBN: 1780671105

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Marc Valli, Ana Ibarra avec Walk the Line: The Art of Drawing

HardCover. Pub Date :2013-10-22 Pages: 320 Language: English Publisher: Thames Hudson Drawing has always been a fundamental skill and good drawing skills allowed artists to grasp the reality around them At the turn of the millennium. however. the. general impression was that with the wide availability of computers. scanners. digital cameras and image software. drawing would dwindle into a marginal activity In fact. the opposite happened:. the enthusiasm for digital imagery died down and the ability to draw has become a treasured skill. In the art world. attitudes to drawing have also changed. Drawing became a way of making a statement as an artist. of showing masterly skill something that up to then had been most commonly associated with painting. After centuries in the shadow of its more illustrious fine art relatives. drawing started to be appreciated for its own sake. as ...

Ana Ibarra graduated in Philosophy in Spain, where she was born. She came to London to study Product Design. She is currently one of the editors of Elephant magazine. Marc Valli is the co-founder of retail and book-selling company Magma in the UK, and of visual art magazines Graphic and Elephant. He is the author of RGB (Reviewing Graphics in Britain) and co-author of Microworlds (Laurence King).